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Firdaus' Journey To Achieving Great Things

Since primary school, Firdaus, had poor academic results and was often being labelled as "stupid" by his classmates due to his introvert nature. He was emotionally affected by the constant taunting and name-calling. Unsurprisingly, he fared poorly for his PSLE and was admitted into a school that was beyond his first few choices.  When he entered secondary school, it was a Deja Vu. He fared poorly for his GCE 'O' Levels and was admitted in ITE (Institute of Technical Education) since he did not have the necessary points to be admitted to a Polytechnic. People always associate ITE with "It's The End" since the future will be bleak for those who enrolled there.


Firdaus' days of underachieving was transformed after one his secondary school teachers remarked that "I don't see a future in you unless you are willing to change" and "Without a university's degree, you won't be successful in life". He decided to have measurable goals in life and propelled himself to score enough points in ITE to earn a place in a direct 2nd-year polytechnic. He went on to study at Royal Melbourne Institute Of Technology (RMIT) University and obtained his Second-Class Honours Degree in 2011.


After years of struggles, he finally did it. Remembered what his secondary school teacher told him, he left university with a degree and full of confidence that he could secure a "good job". However, when reality sets in, it was not what he expected after earning the degree. After sending resumes after resumes, he did not get any response from any company for full time employment. Out of cash and heavy with debts from all of the student loans, he decided that he had no choice but to grab any jobs that came along the way. Despite his efforts to obtain a full time employment, all he could get was just a part-time or freelance job. This went on for 2 years.


In early 2014, he gave up hope on the corporate world and having a full time employment. Having disliked the idea of going broke all the time, he decided to learn investing. Investing was something new to him as throughout his academic years, he majored in Engineering.  He felt that investing was the only way to solve his current financial state. After almost 3 months of intensive studying in investing, he decided that he was ready and eager to invest in his first stock. The start wasn't so rosy as he had lost about 80% of his initial investment. The contributing factor to his loss were he did not understand the market well before investing his money and he was too eager to start. Being too eager to start investing without understanding the market had cost him dearly.


However, instead of giving up, he gave another shot at stocks investing. After carefully studying and scrutinizing the market, he began investing in stocks again. This time, he was rewarded with almost 350% worth of capital gains. In the middle of 2014, he finally got a full time job as a Facilities Executive. As mentioned earlier that he had already gave up hope on the corporate world, he treated his job as a cash surplus and invested most of his salary.  In 2015, he decided to go into physical precious metals investing to widen his financial portfolio. He applied the same technique that he used to achieve success in stocks investment, and within 14 months in July 2016, his net worth soared to nearly 17%.


Firdaus' journey clearly demonstrates that an average person could achieve great things in life if he/she has the right attitude towards learning. Do not let society define you as a person. You are special in your own ways.

Attend This 3.5-Hour Highly Enriching Masterclass And Learn:

  • How to analyse the gold and silver markets so you will know when to buy and sell.
  • How to know if you should buy more gold or more silver.
  • Whether you should own bar, coins or certificates.
  • Where should you buy precious metals

         And many more....

Proven Results

 This was the very first time Firdaus bought precious metals (28 April 2015). Averaging SG$24.65 per ounce.




















In early July 2016, 14 months after Firdaus first bought his physical precious metals, the price soared to US$21.07 per ounce highest. Based on the foreign exchange rate of $US1 = SG$1.36, that is about SG$28.66 per ounce.


If you take SG$28.66-SG$24.65 (from Firdaus' initial investment), the difference is SG$4.01. So, to sum up the returns, 4.01/24.65*100% = 16.27% 



This is neither a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) nor a get-rich-quick session. The masterclass is purely educational, designed to educate individuals on the aspects of precious metals investing. You will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge so that you will be ready to start investing once you leave the masterclass. 


We do not manage individual's funds or engage in any form of investments on any individual's behalf. We are instead, training individuals to be financially educated so that individuals could make sound judgement and decision when it comes to investing. The returns you will get, are not fixed or guaranteed. The returns are all based on the market's volatility and most importantly, your sense of acumen. 


This masterclass is not suitable for individuals seeking to get rich quick because we strive to help individuals to become wealthy, not rich. That, is the real objective of our masterclass. There are many other classes out there that teach individuals to become rich, consider joining them if you are thinking of becoming rich. But, if you want to become wealthy, we invite you to join our masterclass.

Why Precious Metals Is A Sound Investment?

Testimonials From Our Past Students

“Firdaus uses his personal experience to explain the concepts in lay person's terms, together with practical examples that are easy to relate to and understand. What I like most about the masterclass is that Firdaus is sincere in making sure that we are crystal clear about the issues pertaining to investing in physical gold and silver, so that we know exactly what is really important when dealing in this field.”


Thomas Heng, Business Owner/Lead Facilitator at Multipreneur International

Pioneer Masterclass Student of 2016


“The masterclass was a very enlightening one - before this I had very little knowledge on investing. Firdaus was able to explain all about precious metals investing in a simple and clear way. I walked away with a better understanding and more confident about how to invest in gold and silver. His insider tips were very enlightening, and it was interesting to hear about things that people aren't aware about, especially in this volatile economy. Thumbs up - everyone who would like to get started on investing should totally check his masterclass out! It is really value for money!” 


Hana, Marketing Manager

Pioneer Masterclass Student of 2016


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